I have to go to Spearfish tomorrow to do a radio program for Jim Thompson and then do the Heritage of the American West show tomorrow night at the High Plains Heritage center. The theme is about Deadwood, so they asked if I had any poems or songs. I didn’t! LOL

So I wrote one and didn’t like it and threw it away. Then I wrote another, but it was pretty bland. For some reason, this morning, I had an inspiration so this is what I came up with. It has a little different meter to it, but I kind of like it. Seems to roll off my tongue fairly well. If you read it, try reading it out loud. If the rhyme and meter is good, it should just roll along and move smoothly for anyone who is reading it. Hope you enjoy it and are having a good day.

Deadwood no. 2
Deadwood was born in a gold rush
a town that was wicked and wild
it was sinful and dirty and dusty as hell
not a place for the meek or the mild

it was named for the fire charred relics
that clung to the banks of a stream
they were reminders of natures past furies
to be careless was living a dream

but the people who came to this valley
cut trees and tore sod from the ground
they built and they dug and they dug and they built
till the valley was all scarred and brown

and the people were scarred also
by the work and the words and the play
there were shenanigans, shootings and stabbing’s
the strong and the rough ruled the day

Wild Bill and Potato Creek Johnny
Charlie Utter and Martha Jane too
Bullock and Starr and Jack McCall
were members of this motley crew

but lawless only lasts for a time
then the piper must be paid his price
through fire and flood and famine
and winters as cold as ice

because nature was seeking revenge
or at least maintaining her course
trying to reclaim the valley that was lost
she fought back without any remorse

and time has a way of changing
the patterns and wants of men
the bloodshed and killings grew tiresome
so law must prevail again

those citizens of a long ago time
who lived and loved by that stream
they ripped and they roared, slept and they snored
but their memory is only a dream
Robert Dennis 1-07

3 thoughts on “1-16-07

  1. Good luck with the radio show and the American west show! Update us on how it goes! Please put more poetry on your blog. I must say this poem is one of my new favorites from you.

  2. The show went real good. I was real impressed with the music that Hank Harris found. It was what you would have heard if you had been in Deadwood, or any other town for that matter, at that time in history. Great stuff and I am loving the CD that they made.

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