Another beautiful fall day!

I enjoyed it, especially as they are predicting snow and wind for the next day or so.

I worked with all 7 of the yearlings today. Things sure went good. They and I have both learned a lot.

I talked to a young friend who is in California, tonight and sure wish we had more time to talk. It’s good to pick his brain and he’s another one of these good young hands.

He’s out there working with a reining/working cowhorse/cutting, trainer. Learning a lot, it sounds like and I’m looking forward to when he comes home. He’s tried real hard to get some stuff pounded into my thick skull, over the years. About all he’s really ever done is start colts and ride horses. He knows a lot and can sure teach a feller some things, if you’ve got the time and attention span. My problem seems to be with my memory. I sure wish I would have known about a lot of this stuff at his and Eric’s age. They are both so good and do such great work, they make it seem easy. And maybe it is to them. It’s kind’a like magic, to this ol’ boy!

Tate and Kass brought Gabe out to visit with his grampa today and we sailed a small sailboat of Tates. Pretty cool. It runs on batteries and we got pretty good at trimming the sails and not getting it capsized! It’s really neat the way you can get it to go upwind, by setting the sails. Sure makes me want to go on a cruise, on a real sailboat!

Hope you had a great day too!

One thought on “10/29

  1. I missed this blog! I saw pictures of Gabe–wasn’t he itty bitty and brand new–like last week? I can’t belive he will be two soon! What a cutie!

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