Another nice fall day.

Yesterday, Chance and Hope came up and Chance and I worked with some yearling horses. It went well until we started with a blue roan. Eric had worked with him once when we had our clinic and this was only the second time for him to be worked by a man. Very tough minded and wasn’t real impressed with me or anyone or anything else. He was pretty sure that he was the boss of his world and it took a lot of effort and time to get him to acknowledge, that maybe I was the boss!

We made a lot of progress, but I wasn’t real happy with the way it went, so I called Eric and visited with him about what we had done. He told me that he’d like to work with him some more, so he stopped in this afternoon, with his wife and two small children. Eric got a lot done in a short while, as there were some things that I was missing with this horse. Eric has so much patience with these young horses. He’s worked with enough of them that it’s easy for him to see things that I was overlooking. I was making progress, but nothing as fast as he did. When we quit this evening, he was admitting that he wasn’t the boss and plumb willing to let Eric do about anything that he wanted to. I walked up and took the halter off and he followed me around like a puppy. Amazing!

If we just take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves. Such a simple lesson, but so hard for some of us to remember!

Hope you had a good day too!

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