Thanks Donna

Thanks to the lovely Donna, we now have a blog to go with our new website. The website is

Today, Sunday Sept 24, 06 was a lovely day here in western SD. Warmer than the last few days and we had almost 3 inches of rain, in the past 3 days. Some of the waterholes finally have water in them again, and that’s just wonderful!

We have a couple of guys from Denmark visiting. They leave tomorrow. They have been here for the past 3 weeks, riding and working around the ranch. While they were here, we went and helped several of the neighbors gather and work their cattle. We also shipped both bunches of stocker cattle that we had here this summer. I think they have really enjoyed their stay here! Today, we went for one last ride together. Kind of sad, when you make new friends and enjoy their company and then they have to leave and travel clear across the globe. I hope to see them both again.

I also weaned my two colts, seeing as how I got a new one yesterday. When your feeding one weaned colt, you might as well feed two more and get the job done. The colts are nickering and wanting to be back with their mothers, but their mothers have to quit feeding them milk so that they can better withstand the coming winter and keep strong and healthy for the sake of the colts they will have in the spring.

The fresh weaned colts will get all of the nutrition they need and a I have kept a yearling in with them for companionship and to help calm them. It’s always better in life, if you’ve got a friend who’s been there before you, to help you out and show you the new routine! LOL

Be sure and stop in and check up on me and see what we’ve been up to. I’ll try and keep everyone posted as much as I can.

And again, thanks Donna! you are one wonderful lady.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Donna

  1. Robert, you know we will be expecting to see pictures on this blog too!!

    You are doing great with this project. We will keep the web site updated too.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Oh my Yes, isn’t she the greatest Cyber Queen? You made a wise choice in choosing her to help yuo out. but then again I might be alittle prejutice. Good to hear you got three inches of rain. We got two and three tenths.Forgot mit could rain that much in the sandhills.Catch ya later.

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