While at the Stockshow the other day I ran onto a feller I know (seems like there are a lot of them!)  and we got to telling Kenny stories. Kenny was a feller who always had a good story to tell and his wife has made a lot of real good cowboy poems out of many of his adventures. It reminded me of this one, Kenny told me one time.

Kenny worked at the local sale barn and when asked, he could usually get a cheaper critter for someone, say, who wanted something to butcher for chislic or what not. A neighbor had asked him to get a  goat or a sheep, so Kenny had complied, took the goat home he had bought and let the neighbor know he had one for him. Well it was calving season, everyone got busy, and it turns out maybe nobody really had time to butcher a goat. So he got left at Kenny’s house. And Kenny hated him!

The goat was a pain in the keester!  Always bunting Kenny’s weaned calves and in their feed bunk, stealing grain and pooping. One day Kenny had enough! He roped the goat and tied him to the loader tractor so he couldn’t get away as he was going to the sale later on and was going to haul the goat back to the sale. He tied him to the bucket of the loader and decided he better keep him on a tight rope so he couldn’t Houdini out of his loop. So he snugged up said rope. 

Kenny said when he walked away from the tractor to finish chores, the goats hind feet were a couple feet off the ground!

Did I mention Kenny hated the goat?

Kenny finished chores and went to get the now dead goat to dispose of him. Said when he dropped the loader bucket and walked up to take his rope off he heard a very loud breath of air, going into the goats throat! The goat from Hell was still alive!!

So Kenny and his son loaded the goat in the trailer and headed for the sale. Before they got there, they drove by a friends house who also worked at the sale. We will call him Bill Smith. Kenny was a prankster and chuckled to himself and he and his son unloaded the goat and kicked him into one of Bill Smiths pastures.

The next week at the sale a feller approached Kenny and told him he was looking for a goat to butcher for chislic. Kenny told him, “When I drove by Bill Smiths place the other day I noticed he had a goat in his pasture, I bet he’d sell it! He’s working right over in the other alley, lets go ask him!”

  Kenny and the other gentleman walk over to the next alley and find Mr Smith and Kenny introduces the two and tells Mr Smith that this feller wants to buy a goat and “didn’t I see one in your pasture the other day?”

  Mr Smith explodes! “Yeah! Some rotten SOB put one in my pasture and he spooked my calves and they tore down all my fence and he has just been raising hell!  I sure would like to get my hands on the dirty booger who did it! I think it was Mr Jones!” 

Kenny looked him square in the eye and said, “You know, your probably right. Mr Jones is just the dirty rotten sneaky rascal who would do something like that!”

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