Wow! Christmas is almost here! Amazing how time flies. Out here on the prairie we had a little early snow that melted off and other than the date on the calendar you would be hard pressed to prove it is late December. We have short green grass, something we lacked all summer and much of last spring. Tho’ we have had some cooler weather, all in all it has been real nice. Sure is a great time for a drought and a heat wave. And I just saw one prediction today saying it should stay like this until the end of the month. I will take it.

We have been to one Christmas concert with a grandchild with a couple more coming up. I get real tired of the commercialization of this season so am usually pretty bah humbug until Christmas Eve at least. But seeing all those cute little kids all dressed up and playing their instruments and singing Christmas songs got my Christmas spirit fired up.

Most years I write a Christmas poem and after about so many years it is hard to come up with anything original. A buddy who does similar sent his the other day and after reading it, I got inspired. So here is this years.

                                                      It’s that time again

When I write my Christmas poem

Usually I write about a guy 

Who lives not far from Nome

I had started this dang thing

At least a couple of times

But I always seemed to quit

When I couldn’t make good rhymes

Or the subject matter ran away

Got twisted and perverse

I just couldn’t share such balderdash

In a simple rhyme and verse

And just how many different ways 

Are there to send the seasons greeting

And as busy as most people are

My greeting seems kind of fleeting

And so this year I’ve devised a plan

That should really raise a cheer

I ain’t writing a Christmas poem at all

But one about Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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