Calving season!

Seems like we have been busy, I missed a couple of these columns or what ever it is you call what I write in here and they publish.. but my schedule has been hectic. And now branding season has started. Always enjoyable to get together with neighbors and see what everybody is up to. Kind of like Facebook only way better!

We evidently used a heifer bull who wasn’t a very good heifer bull last summer. Some of these two year olds are needing a lot of help. We only have one left and when she calves we are either going to get drunk to celebrate or drunk to drown our sorrow!!! I don’t remember the last time I  had to help this many heifers calve! One thing about it, we are getting pretty good at pulling them out!

Not complaining.. heck, it would do no good anyway.. just thinking out loud. On the plus side, it has been great weather. A little dry to suit most people, but it sure makes it nice for the baby calves.

I have been getting some riding on my young horse who needs a little more education. I got him as a yearling from Vern and Laurie Ward and he has just been great. As a 2 year old I sent him to a young neighbor couple who specialize in starting young horses and when I got him home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep riding him as I wanted, and he was pretty little to pack an old, fat man around, so made a deal with a young neighbor girl and she rode hm a little thru’ most of the summer. Both parties did a great job and he is a nice horse. Matter of fact, I liked him so well, we went back last fall and got two more from Vern and Laurie. I say both their names, but really only got to see Laurie.. that dang Vern stays busy!

Speaking of horses, have you kept up with the horse market? Seems like everybody must want one as they are sure bringing some good money and if you want a team to drive you better have some deep pockets. I am not sure if Covid had anything to do with it or what, but they are pricey. It’s about time these folks who raise some good ones got paid what they are really worth.. makes it a little tough on the checkbook if you want one, but what I notice, they are still quite a bit cheaper than them four wheelers and side by sides, most have went to. Those things are handy, but I done see any of them that can do what a horse can, and they don’t run on grass and hay like a horse!

Here is hoping your having a great spring and your calving is all done or close to it!

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