Wow! If you need any fresh air, there is a lot going by. Just reach out and grab some. I am just grateful there isn’t a foot or two of snow laying around for it to play with. Tho’ it sure would fill some creeks and make run off to fill water holes. But it wouldn’t be much fun until it was done.

Seems like we get our fair share of wind around these parts. And many people complain about it. But doesn’t seem like to many do much about it. Well, I guess that isn’t quite true…we plant trees and build wind breaks. And we sure are grateful for them on these windy days.

I wonder about them old timers who first came to this country, many years ago, from east of here…… I don’t think they got the kinds of wind we do. Can you imagine them old time cowboys out on round up in the spring, having to be out in it all day and most of the night? I have sure been to some branding in the spring where it was so windy you could barely swing a rope and when you threw it to catch hind feet on a calf, you had to allow for windage. I am pretty sure I have a kink in my neck from pulling my hat down to keep it on, on windy days.

We used to have four windmills to pump water. Only two are left. One got crumpled by the wind and laid down. Another wasn’t used much so we took the head off and moved it to another mill. The two that are still standing, only one works. The other needs a new head.  For those who don’t know, that is the part that turns round and round and pumps the water. This one, is old and worn out and just clicks… when cattle prices get better, we have plans to get a new one and put up.

The one that isn’t working is about 30 feet tall. Dad and a neighbor put it together and pulled it up after building it. While it was laying on it’s side on the ground, the neighbor mentioned to Dad that they ought to figure out a way to put the oil in it, before they pulled it erect, as they were both bothered by heights. Dad told him that “it sure didn’t look very tall, they would be alright”. He said when they pulled it up he was sure amazed how much it grew! They had to get another neighbor who wasn’t bothered by heights to come put the oil in it!

Here is hoping your anvil don’t blow away!

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