Sure been great weather. Hard to complain. Tho’ I do hear some are worrying about whether we will. Get enough moisture this spring. I remember doing the same, many years ago and my Dad telling me, “It always has rained. It will again” And he was born in 1914 and lived thru’ the dirty thirties. And they knew what it was like to be dry.

One time he and another old timer were visiting about the thirties and the years they got some rain. Dad told of helping a neighbor lamb one spring in the thirties. Said they didn’t see the sun for a month. Red Owl creek ran bank full for a month. They had no lambing shed, just sheep tepees. He said the little lambs would get about so big ad die, just from being wet all the time. And then it quit raining and as he put it, “It was just like turning off a water tap. No more for a long, long time.”

Of course it eventually rained And they both recalled there were years in the thirties when it did rain somewhat but the grass hopper ate everything that grew. And when everything was gone, they all just rose up in the air and flew away. Must have been something to see.

We had hoppers last year and they were not as bad as I had seen them in the past but they were bad.. I sure hope they aren’t this year. And I too, hope it gets to sending some moisture. Warm gentle rains later on is my order. But I will take what we get, as I have found we might as well. Because that is what we are going to get. And nothing we can do about it.

Can you imagine being the guy in charge of rain and snow. Come fall and your getting orders for snow from snowmobilers and skiers. Others are ordering dry and warm. Then you get into spring and one guy wants rain, another wants snow and the guy who is calving is wanting dry and warm! And then spring planting… one guy is trying to get everything seeded and he still wants warm and dry, another has his seeded and wants rain to make it grow and some where there is another who is still calving and wants warm ad dry. Then the calving gets caught up and you think, whew!!! I can rest up awhile.. send some rain.. but no, there are people wanting to get branded and they don’t want rained out! And some guy is wanting to be the first one in his neighbor hood to cut and put up some hay!!!!

I tell you, it wouldn’t be a fun job. Cussed one second and praised the nest! Probably about as bad as being God. And we all know how people talk to and about Him!

I hope you get just as much moisture as you want and at the time off your choosing… me? I will take heart in another thing Dad always said. “God will provide us with just as much moisture as we need. And evidently, some years we don’t need as much!”

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