The weather is sure nicer than last time I wrote. Sure helps out on the feed situation here. I want it to stay like this until spring and then get real nice!

Them poor folks down south who aren’t as used to extreme cold and snow sure suffered. And it sure proved we can not solely rely on Windmills and Solar panels for all our electrical needs! Whether some like it or not, we need coal and natural gas and propane also.

I saw some who said that we need to make all of the electricity going into the US Capitol buildings solely solar and windmills. If so, I bet them folks down there who are supposedly running this country, would have set up and took notice!

I am older so remember when I used to feed with a team and lots of days below zero and the wind blowing, while I was pitching hay, at first and then later with a bale wagon to feed big round bales. I dressed for it so it wasn’t all that bad. Kind of like jumping into the water at the first of summer, the water was cold, but after the shock wore off, you got used to it!

Better than Dad. He always said when he was a kid growing up in the teens (he was born in 1914) that when they wanted to take a bath in winter they’d have to go chop a hole in the ice on the dam and then chase all the polar bears away, then take a bath! I believed him for awhile… then noticed there weren’t no polar bears around these parts anymore.

I am sure glad somebody invented hot running water in a house and indoor plumbing! The first school I went to just had outdoor toilets so I know about using them when it is cold out! But it sure built character, I guess. I notice most of the people my age who live around these parts sure are characters, anyway!

Heres hoping the nice weather lasts and we get lots of warm spring rain.

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