Almost there!

The winter solstice… the day with the least amount of daylight. That would be tomorrow. Then the days start getting longer again… and I am all about that. I like sunshine. Especially this time of year.

We have been practicing for Christmas on Red Owl Creek, our musical Christmas show at our local little country hall. It is tonight at 7 and should be lots of fun. Some of the community got it all decorated up. Weather is supposed to be pretty nice. Ought to be great. Hope to see lots of neighbors tonight.

The local schools have been doing their Christmas programs and last night was the one some of our grandkids go to. They all did a bang up job and I could almost hear every word… probably the best program they’ve ever had. They did a skit with the little ones and another with the big ones. It was fun to watch some of those kids really getting into it…

We went to Wall on two different occasions in the past week or so, to watch the other grandkids programs. They all did a great job also. This country has lots of good looking kids and it is fun to watch the really little ones. They are so cute and try so hard.

Warm, not a lot of snow… yeah, this is my kind of Christmas time!

4 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Wish I could’ve been there for that Robert. Did you see my email, very late delivered to the Hovland’s and the Garhart’s?

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