We had friends and family come out.. cold and windy… some of the kids hadn’t been on a ranch before so they went along to feed the bum calves. They seemed to enjoy it. Some of the horses were in getting a drink so, they got to see some and pet a horse.

Supposed to have some weather moving in.. up to 16 inches of snow and wind up to 50 mph.. regular ol’ blizzard, looks like. We will bring the cows in closer tomorrow and give them a good feed.

My sister and her youngest daughter came out the other day so at some point, weather permitting, we need to get them back to town. Cindy is supposed to work on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully the roads will be good enough she can take them in or I will have to drive and then kill time until Cindy gets off duty.

As usual, when this family gathers, they are playing the spoons card game.. it is wild fast and furious and very loud! Fun to watch and listen to. We jammed this afternoon and last night.

I am thankful for all the Good Lord has sent my way this year. Hope others feel as fortunate.

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