Cooler weather

Cooled off the past couple days and got some snow off and on, but so far it has melted during the day… had a half inch of moisture ninth rain gauge the other day for rain and melted snow… still awfully wet and muddy. This year is one for the record books.

Supposed to stay cold the next couple days then warm up a bit on Thursday. That is good as Chance and I are supposed to go help a neighbor to the north work some calves that day. Supposed to help a couple neighbor the first of next week ship their calves. Doesn’t sound like the market is too great for calves.. same price or lower than last year. I have been reading of bankruptcies and financial problems for ag people.. pretty bleak looking.

On the up side, there is lots of hay available.. cheaper than last year.. we need to get some in.. but it is so wet it is hard to get it out of the fields. Guess we just need to trust the Good Lord that we will get what we need by the time we need it.. heck, He ain’t never let us down so far..

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