Woke up yesterday to about 2 inches of rain in the rain gauge. Praise the Lord! We sure wanted some and tho’ it made muddy roads it sure helps the country…

I have been fighting pain in both my feet for years and Cindy has mentioned (some might call it nagging, I won’t!) that I should go see a podiatrist…that’s a doctor who specializes in feet, for you ol’ cowboys who don’t read a lot… so I did… nice young man.. x rayed my feet and what I had thought and fought or quite a few years is arthritis… the big jones for the big toe n both feet are all mangled and nothing between the  bones, just bone on bone… he injected them with cortisone, or some such.. hurt like the dickens, but all of a sudden the pain was gone… I felt like a little kid.. I had fought it for so long, I didn’t remember what it was like to not have the pain.. he tells me at some point I will need to have those bones fused together and on my left foot, my body has been trying to do it on it’s own… by yesterday evening they were pretty tender again, but feel great this morning… he gave me some special pads (well, no, he didn’t GIVE them to me, I had to pay for them…) and I am sure glad that Esteban ( the feller who has been making my last pairs of boots) made them loose…they will put more of my weight on the arch so that is supposed to help also… heck, I may be able to go hike again!

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