Cow work

Loaded up early this morning to go help the neighbors with fall shots.. took Hub to ride. Hub is 6 or 7 and had sporadic training… it was a great day to ride him.. lots of cows to sort off and much up and alley and a gather and moving pairs later.. wore me out but good for him.. real nice day, cool this morning and warm this afternoon, no breeze to speak of… I am tired, but it’s a good tired… got some rain yesterday and the day before, not a lot but it will help green pastures up.. life is good.

Brought home a coulee 2 year old Percheron fillies to drive this winter… Chance and i harnessed them up and took a drive yesterday.. one is a bit scared when you harness her but once they are hooked they are sweet hearts… big.. 17 hands at least.. when they fill out they will big girls.. turned them out tonight on pasture and man were they excited..

2 thoughts on “Cow work

  1. Would like to see those Percheron Phillies are they from your camp Job? I heard there were fires up in glacier national Park good luck with that. I am sort of holding steady with CRPS complex regional pain syndrome and my left hand, very rare would still like to see you this fall if I can work it out . CR PS is poorly understood, no known treatment And it generally doesn’t get better, but I aim to beat the odds and Really want to see you guys! Just need a little more time to study the calendar with your schedule. The flight prices will be cheaper here now after Labor Day… Will keep you posted love to all from Ruth

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