We love it!.. Well, some don’t seem so crazy about it as it came as snow.. but what do you expect for SD in March, magical duck feathers falling from the sky? I’ve never understood people who live in western SD and complain of snow storms any time from end of October to first of May.. it is not unusual, it is to be expected… sure rain is nicer, but come on, really? Snow is much more apt to happen… I hope we get a bunch of warm rains to keep the moisture coming and yes, the snow is somewhat of a pain, especially for those calving at this time, but with out it we have drought and no feed.. mud is much nicer in this country than dust!

Other than that, not much to report… same old same old, feed cows, do odds and ends around here.. always seems like there is something to occupy your time if you just look a bit…

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