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Cindy and I went dow to Rapid to watch the ranch bronc riding this morning.. good watching.. the guy who won it flat rode his bronc, one hand on the rein and another in the air, at the buzzer he doffed his hat to the crowd and then put it back on his head.. classy.

Yesterday afternoon, Tate and Cindy and I picked up Gabe for a wrestling duel.. he ended up wrestling a girl and tho she put up a good fight, he pinned her.. it was kind of disappointing, tho’ probably not as bad as if she had pinned him.. I guess I am old fashioned, I don’t like watching girls wrestle.. if they want to and there are other girls to wrestle than so be it, but these preteens, girls and boys wrestling each other, just doesn’t seem right.

Had a some warmer days and it is cooling off. we are supposed to butcher a steer and haul him to the plant tomorrow.. got a guy who wants to buy half… hopefully he will be tender and he is fat and shiney so he ought to be…

4 thoughts on “This and that

  1. My son wrestled from age 3-18. He had a match with a girl in 9th grade. He was so mad about it. He said to me, “ if I lose I’m a wuss, if I touch her where I’d put my hands on a male opponent to throw him I’m a jerk, if I win I’m posturing so what do I do?”. I said just pin her fast. He walked out on the mat and I could tell he was furious. They shook hands , the whistle blew and he exploded. He took her down hard with a sound like a crack of thunder when her back met the mat and pinned her in10 seconds. The crowd never clapped or yelled just stayed silent. When they shook hands he would always say “tough match “ to his male opponents. This time he said “ don’t come back”. He looked up and me when he left the mat. I shrugged at him which was our thing when he won. He told me later he went to locker room and threw up. He said “I shouldn’t have had to do that to a girl, she had her father watching”.

  2. Howdy Robert,
    Life has been busy lately, not doing much blogging, but otherwise we are fine. I have realized lately that I am no longer receiving your feed (I discontinued an old email and changed a lot of passwords) which would explain why I also have felt lately that I am losing my balance. But I will resubscribe immediately.
    I hope you and your tribe have been well — we have. I have lost contact with KSh, several years now, perhaps it was something I said.

    1. Hi Tom.. yeah I don’t post as much anymore since I spend so much time on Youtube… I seldom ready anyone else blogs either.. I should go back to that.. good to hear from you

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