Same old, same old

Not much to write about… I went back east and got another trailer load of hay a few days ago.. I don’t think I will be going for any more, tho’ am trying to find some cheap trucking to bring some more in.. supposed to ship some calves this next week.. I have been feeding just a little hay to to keep some protein in front of these cattle.. hate to do it, but there sure ain’t much left for them to chew on except some grass they really don’t care for, tho’ I noticed these Corry cows were eating it earlier this summer… Prairie Sandreed, I believe is it’s name… pretty tough stuff and hard for them to chew evidently.. I have read they will eat it the following spring after it has been softened by nature.. cattle all look really good considering what little they had to graze this summer.. got 30 hundreds of rain yesterday.. kids had their last basketball game.. Cindy had to work, so it was just me watching.. sure wish I had their energy!

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