We’ve caught a few showers and some rains.. got a half inch a few nights ago and 15 hundredths last evening.. been some fires around but people respond and watch for them, so they’ve all been stopped pretty quick.. Cindy went for a short ride with me this evening to check on a mud hole we had lost a calf in a few days ago.. no stuck calves.. it was threatening lightning and rain so we rode back and after playing with Gabe and Lige and Tate roping the dummy off our horses, we drove back out and hauled out the garbage and then drove and checked all the tanks.. I’d filled dirt in around them the other day so it’s easier for the calves to get a drink. If you follow me on Facebook I posted some video’s.. can’t seem to get them on here.. got a new computer, well, new to me anyway, and things work a little different evidently..


3 thoughts on “Rain

    1. Suystem?? I darn sure don’t know, I just go get an Apple Computer and use it until I need another one..

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