This is the kind of days we put up with all the snow and cold and heat and dust and wind.. for days like this! Beautiful weather, not too hot, not to windy, not to cold, green grass growing, I don’t think you could beat it unless it was pouring down rain! 😀

Checked cattle this morning and kicked out a few pairs with the help of Bit the Border Collie… then worked on getting my new tree patch fenced.. got it done by this evening, except for a couple of gates… Gramma rode with me this evening and we checked for new calves again. found a few,. everybody seems to be doing fine… I hear we have plan to take 3 giggly girls to town tomorrow, so I may not have much hair left by tomorrow evening! 😀

Dean stopped in a bit before noon and borrowed a couple horse collars.. heck, I ain’t using them and I got extras if I get a wild hair and decide to hook up the team… which would be good, but not on the agenda with a saddle to finish and fence to fix and cows to check and a young horse who needs rode… in that order… not to mention the house which is always calling saying, “come, come finish me!”

But man it was a nice day and looks to stay that way tomorrow and not bad for the weekend if you don’t mind a breeze and who doesn’t when it gets warm.. God is great!