Spring storm coming

Might not amount to much but I like to play to safe.. so early this morning I started getting horses in and sorting riders from non riders… Gabe came up to help us seeing as his Dad was off doing his EMT training… Chance Gus Same and Gabe all saddled up to go get cows from down south… I took the tractor, Cindy brought the pickup and we set out some hay, fixed some fence and gave the cows a reason to come across the road.. I also took some hay up the creek to some pairs we kicked up there yesterday.. got a load of cows and some baby calves in yesterday so had to get them situated.. spent most of the morning getting stuff ready and cattle and horses where they needed to be. this afternoon I hauled some gravely dirt in around a hydrant behind the old house and filled the tank at it and kicked the bulls out in the cottonwoods.. they sure like that green grass.. then I caught up Mijo, aka Mighty Mouse, who Dustin had brought home yesterday… and rode out and moved a few pairs around, fed some more hay then drove all the close pairs in behind protection.. don’t know how tuff it will get, the last I looked we were supposed to get some snow and some wind and this time of the year it can change quick.. I guess I have everything set as good as can be so we will just see how it goes…looks like a leathershop day tomorrow when I ain’t checking cows or feeding some hay… Fr Tyler is on vacation so is out here for part of it.. Chance and Hope took the boys to their last shooting sports practice before the state finals this weekend and left Addy Bear here who has been picking on her Uncle Tyler and Gramma… It was a damp foggy morning then got real nice even with a stiff breeze blowing, looks like the last warm day for a few…

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