Setting here, watching the first snow fall of the season… I don’t think it will amount to too much and we can always use the moisture… I went and helped neighbors the other day, gathered their cows, sorted them for age, poured them and started hauling them home.. when I got home I rode down south and brought the cows home we sold calves off earlier,. in case this first snow was a bad blizzard.. amazing how events like Atlas make you remember things and prepare…. this morning Cindy and I drove down south, hauling out garbage  and then checking tanks.. I didn’t have  a wrench I needed so went back later and let all the water out of the big above ground storage tank and a windmill.. there was a little buck chasing a doe around.. haven’t seen to many deer around this year, tho’ I did see a nice back the other day on the way to a neighbors. Yesterday was Loren and Florence Morelands auction.. pretty fair crowd and I got a few things.. one is an old fashioned wire stretcher, that still works.. I had an old rusty one that didn’t work, but you couldn’t use it.. this one could still be used.. it will look good hanging on the wall. Got a couple of lite fold up beds with thin mattresses.. ought to be handy when their is extra company around and when we go camping.. got some iron eveners for the team.. enough for a four abreast set up, tho I only have two Haflingers at the moment. sold a couple this fall..plans and preparations are underway for this years Thanksgiving.. got all the boys and kids coming and a few extra’s perhaps.. first big event in the new house.. speaking of.. I did a bit of chinking for Cindy this morning.. need to get some more buckets of chink, so told Tate to pick some up next time he goes to Custer… went down by Hill City  a few weeks ago and got the first song recored for the new album.. I need to keep after that, but seems there is always something going on that takes precedence… got an open house for the new hall at Red Owl this Sunday, starting at noon. We will feed people and give them a little entertainment. It looks real nice. We are shipping the rest of the calves on Tuesday.. looks like the market has gotten better a bit since the last ones we sold and hopefully these will have put on weight. Preg testing the next day. We got some hay in, I may have a plan for the upcoming winter and summer and if it works will have to get more hay in.. Chance is working on a fencing job with a buddy south of here that should keep them busy for quite awhile.. a bunch of buffalo fence.. got a bunch of dirt and gravel hauled in, in front of the house so it is better and flatter for people to park in front of the house…deer season opened last weekend and I have a guy who is supposed to be out one of these days.. I told him we might find a doe for him, but there weren’t many deer around.. we shall see…

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