Fall work

Chance and I laid out a big windbreak the last couple days. Went and got I beams for the posts and Cindy helped us square it up. We got the holes dug and most of the I beams put in yesterday. Sam and Gus helped us too. We had the skid steer and Gus hauled the posts and dropped them by the holes and Sam got to move a few that way also. They both helped square the posts and get them plumb and tamp the dirt back in the poles.. hopefully we will get the rest up today. Maybe go get the boards and tin for it. I have to go pick up a load of cows tomorrow. Sure been nice weather, gets up about 60 each day. We’ve been checking the cattle, looking for calves who may be getting sick. They are all doing good at the moment. Probably ship another load of calves next month. Almost halloween. Time flies! I am supposed to go and start recording a new album. Hope to get some of my friends involved who play good musical instruments. Also got some projects in the leather shop, not to mention things that still need done on the house.. guess it’s good to always have something to do. Keeps me from getting bored!

One thought on “Fall work

  1. Never time to be bored! Lots of things to keep you busy, don’t you have one of those honey do lists, when you aren’t playing with cattle or leather 🙂

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