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Got the extra screws we needed and Chance got them in the new windbreak today. So it’s done.. 10 foot high, 96 feet long on each wing… got a guy coming with a scraper to work on a dirt windbreak I started years ago… hopefully he can get it built up and shaped up so it works even better. Seems to me if you make it right, out of dirt, it should last almost forever… might do some other odd jobs while we got him here… we found prairie dogs and they are smart and Chance has forgot how to shoot evidently.. he’s cussing himself because he keeps missing and he’s only shooting about 350 yards! 😀 LOL

Got up in the 70’s today. I chinked on the small places that needed it on the outside of the house yesterday. Still got some to do on the inside but it’s hard on my hands.. still got to get it done. We got a tank installed this afternoon, if the cement holds and doesn’t blow out in the bottom. It’s about 12 foot across and real shallow where the water line is, so we couldn’t just pour cement flat but had to dip down where the water inlet is and float so it is less likely to freeze up in cold weather… hopefully it works and all we will have to do is finish filling it up. We may put a top on it and insulate it for a winter tank. Sets just north of the new house. I had a big cement ring to set around the float and over flow pipe. When I went to tip it over it busted.. sorry cement in it evidently so I will have to get a new one of those… hope this nice weather holds for awhile.. looked at the cattle yesterday and didn’t find any sick calves. I always worry about them when we get these warm days and cool nights… wish the market would perk up. We are supposed to go with the bulk of the rest of them in a few weeks but think we will hold off awhile.. market keeps wanting to go down so we need as many pounds as we can get on them…. got good feed for them and the cows are in good shape, so keep them on awhile.. most of these were born after the first of May, so they really aren’t that old…

Chance and I laid out a big windbreak the last couple days. Went and got I beams for the posts and Cindy helped us square it up. We got the holes dug and most of the I beams put in yesterday. Sam and Gus helped us too. We had the skid steer and Gus hauled the posts and dropped them by the holes and Sam got to move a few that way also. They both helped square the posts and get them plumb and tamp the dirt back in the poles.. hopefully we will get the rest up today. Maybe go get the boards and tin for it. I have to go pick up a load of cows tomorrow. Sure been nice weather, gets up about 60 each day. We’ve been checking the cattle, looking for calves who may be getting sick. They are all doing good at the moment. Probably ship another load of calves next month. Almost halloween. Time flies! I am supposed to go and start recording a new album. Hope to get some of my friends involved who play good musical instruments. Also got some projects in the leather shop, not to mention things that still need done on the house.. guess it’s good to always have something to do. Keeps me from getting bored!


Addy Bear came and got me at the house where I was chinking, yesterday, to ask if I was ready to ride… so i quit and we went and saddled up, and rode out and moved some cattle further south. Windy, but fun. Really windy today. Helped a neighbor ship calves this morning and it was nice but then this wind whipped up and it’s a booger!