Happy Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there.. mine’s been gone for a long time now.. I miss here… been going to bran dings.. we’ve had a mix of hot and cool, but so far real nice weather for branding’s.  Lige went with me yesterday over to Q & J’s… I cut the second bunch and he ran the nut bucket… Chance and I went out and tried to tag calves last night but to many have gotten too much age on us and we couldn’t catch them all afoot, so we will have to rope them and tag.. When Cindy and I checked this morning there were a couple fresh ones and we got them.. one was even the mean old horned cow but I got him tagged, he was still slimy… we are about to leave to go to Mass then we need to kick pairs out and try and tag the ones who need it.. probably take Gramma to supper somewhere for Mothers day.. she and Tate had their monthly religion class yesterday and he bought her flowers.. Fr Tyler is supposed to be home this evening.. another branding tomorrow, tho’ there is a chance of rain, but I doubt it will stop it as the guy needs to get them done and moved out…

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