Another day on the prairie

Some wind, kind of cool.. I spent most of the day working on an addition tom the corrals.. I had gotten some poles from a friend, old high line poles.. Tate picked me up some long posts, I dug holes and Fr Tyler helped me set the posts and tamp them… I used the tractor and loader to set poles up and wire them into place.. got about half way done and was running low on wire and needed some staple so Cindy  and Fr Tyler rode with me to Punkin’ Center and got the stuff, came home, and fed cows, dug a couple more holes and then set two more post.. long day.. if it isn’t too wet tomorrow I will set the rest of the poles up and then all we will have to do is put in a couple of gates.. got a good chance for some rain and maybe a little snow, over the next few days.. had a few calves today… when we checked this morning one of Tates had calved and she is a fast movin’ wild rip… had quite a chase just to read her ear tag number.. when we checked before dark I had another one and so had he.. got mine tagged and wrote the number down on his so he can make a tag and tag it… Cindy rode up to Faith with Kass this evening for a meeting.. it’s almost 10 and she just got home.. I think it’s bed time!

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