More snow!

It keeps this up, I’m gonn’a think it could turn into winter! Maybe a bit better than an inch of fresh and supposed to be more thru’ tomorrow night and the wind is supposed to blow.. like we don’t expect that! 😀 Then on Wednesday it’s supposed to get up into the 40’s and stay there for awhile.. so this could all melt down and life will be peachy!

Chance and Hope and I went into town this afternoon and got a dually one ton pickup to pull the trailers with.. old but a new motor.. needs a few things fixed on so we left it with the mechanic t fix… then we can start hauling hay home…

2 thoughts on “More snow!

  1. They sure are handy, we love our dually. I think the hubby likes it because it is a diesel. Its nice to haul things and feel like the axles are going to break in half 😉

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