Shamus and Gussie

I ran out to friend in Wyoming today and got a team of Clydes I am going to winter for them. Shamus is the Gelding and Gussie ( Agustina) is the mare.. big. I mean really big! 18 hands, looks like. I can barely see over their backs and can’t see over their withers… I am going to have to build a bench to stand on to harness them!

8 thoughts on “Shamus and Gussie

    1. Kinda old and skinny looking! But yeah, they look to be big enough to haul a whole stack! 😀 Hows things at your casa?

      1. Great, been up here all week. Daughter came out for Thanksgiving and spent the night. Kinda noisy with 3 kids under 6 running around. 🙂

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