Getting’ it done

I helped Tate and Chance on the house all day.. by evening we had 7 rafters up on both sides.. doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider we had to cut board to fill in on top off the ridge pole ( 30 some feet in the air from some places..) and then take them back off and redo them, build a partial floor across the dining room/living room to set scaffolding on then set and screw in on the mark great big beams the are hard to handle, one guy cutting ends and handing up over an 11 foot wall, then pull them in place with a rope and screw them down, we did pretty good… all this in a pretty good wind, until this evening.. oh, and one of the crew is an old fat guy! 😀

3 thoughts on “Getting’ it done

  1. Hi Brother 🙂 , I wondred: what kind of isolation will you use , as it is very important to keep the heat/freshness inside . How about electricity ? Sun- energy ? Great work !;)

    1. The wood is thick enough we don’t need to insulate.. other than the roof, where most heat goes pout anyway… the basement will provide lots of warmth in winter and cool in summer…

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