Supposed to only get up into the 50’s today.. started off cool yesterday and then warmed up.. we may get some rain too..I helped Tate for awhile yesterday morning.. his well pit was full of water… I have to follow Chance to Faith this morning and give him a ride back as he takes the tree planter and pickup back, from all their tree planting this spring… got a gig with Paul this evening…
Went in to Rapid the other day to get a new windshield put in the Nitro… I’d dropped a guitar off to get worked on awhile back so went to pick it up… they put son the smaller strings from a set of 12 strings so now when I play it along with another guitar it’s like listening to a 12 string.. and they are small strings and only one wound, so when you pick on it it’s easier on the fingers when you slide to hit the notes.. they call it Nashville tuning.. I think it’s pretty cool sounds somewhat like a mandolin…

5 thoughts on “Cooler

  1. Sometimes the running is harder than the work! Someday when we make it out you will have to do some guitar picking for us and singing.

  2. Paul,

    Are you familiar with Nashville tuning? Can you come to Myrtle’s mem service on Nov 3 in Ft Collins or in May?



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