Workin’ calves

Helped Delbert do his second bunch yesterday then he and Glen came and helped us today. Cindy and Hope and Addy Bear all rode to gather and then helped when we got to the corrals..Gramma said she is tired and sore and i bet she is as I am also.. we didn’t take a break at noon, Chance didn’t want to so we never got to eat until 3.. we were all tired but glad to get them done.. also pulled the bulls out… I’ll haul them back to their owner next week.. we sprayed the cows and calves with Delberts sprayer.. I sure didn’t think they had as many flies as they did… we kept a couple butcher steers in.. Bart is coming in the morning..the big gathering in Ft Pierre starts off tomorrow evening, so i will be headed down to that.. Cindy has a deal at Terra Sancta so she can’t go along.. oh well, there are quite a few more coming up and she will get to go to those… real nice day, not hot and hardly a breeze..


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