My afternoon/evening help…


Tho’ I tried to get the biggest one killed.. he was riding Peaches, who has ridden this spring and got along fairly well with… we got done moving pairs and my pup wasn’t listening about hell and stay back.. so I took my rope off the fork and held about 5 coils and waited until she got close and threw them at her while hollering “Back”… she jumped sideways and back, right at the horse Gabe was ridden, she jumped a head and the saddle Gabe was riding has a low cantle, so off he went onto her butt and then on to the ground.. he landed pretty easy, but I was worried… I finally got the stupid horse back for him, but he had to walk aways.. Molly decided maybe she ought to listen and Gabe paid more attention to me and the pup… There was a roping clinic up an]t the neighbors for the 4 H kids, so Kass and I took Beaver and all the kids up.. they learned a lot and we learned Beaver needs work on riding up to a plastic roping dummy, especially one that is moving!

2 thoughts on “My afternoon/evening help…

  1. So you took to training the dog and the grand kid at the same time. 😉 Funny how a horse can be ok with a live cow and have a fit over a hunk of plastic.

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