More work fun

Friday afternoon, Sam and I loaded a couple horses and headed up to a friends in North Dakota to help him brand… we set up the teepee and slept in outs bedrolls and of course had a lot of fun visiting and playing guitars and singing with a bunch of the crew who did the same as us.. got up this morning way to early and set around waiting for food and coffee… finally had to go get the boss and he brought the stuff out to camp, ate a hurried breakfast and then gathered and worked cows and branded calves.. we got back about 6:30 this evening.. had a lot of fun, met some new friends and Sam sez he’s ready to go back… he’s a pretty good traveling companion but cheats at I Spy with my Little Eye while traveling along… everybody bragged on what a good kid he is.. yup, he’s got them fooled! 😉

2 thoughts on “More work fun

  1. good to keep up with you Robert! Sounds like you are getting a lot done! Wish I could be there .
    Cuz Ruth

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