Got ’em….

The cows. We sat and watched a sale over the internet on Saturday and Tate, Chance and I all got some cows bought, so today we drove up to the sale barn, used their chute and branded them… one of Chances jumped a tall fence and got out so we told them to run her back thru’ this next sale.. we don’t need that kind around here. Glen came along with his trailer to help haul them home.. I had a gig at 1 so he rode along with me and I think I really impressed them folks with my atmosphere, walking in smelling of branding smoke! They all seemed to enjoy it and were a great crowd… then Glen and I drove back to the sale barn and loaded trailers… Tate had went in with just his pickup and he and Chance and Hope went to Belle and picked up a flatbed Chance and Hope had bought… Glen and I were just loading the last trailer load when they showed up sop we headed out, got home and unloaded and fed the new cows… funeral and cow sale again tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Got ’em….

  1. Wow, what a full day. You make me tired sometimes just listening to what you accomplish in just one day. I would of told them to sell the darn thing also!

  2. We used to watch beef sales all the time on RFD TV. Would these be the same kind of thing? And that is some kinda authenticity, smelling of branding smoke. lol Pretty cool.

    1. Yes, same kind of thing Marianne… I thought it was kind of a good way to cover my smell! LOL

      Lisa, it really wasn’t that big a deal, I read all the stuff you do in a day and wonder where you find the time and energy!

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