Weather change

Fog rolled in yesterday evening and a little drizzle and snow and wind this morning.. we went and lured all the cows and calves in close with a tractor and a bale of hay… they came on the run… we have everything close and be handier to ship in the cold tomorrow, if the weather and roads permit… got a taste of winter, but looks like it’s supposed to be 30 by next Sunday… suppose to have a load of cows coming in today, we’ll see….. there is a little fork horn buck deer out here with two ear tags and they read “Tony” on them, Chance said,, he set out some grain and the deer walked right up to it, about like a butcher critter, couldn’t pet him, but he’d sure come to feed, somebody’s pet I suppose…

2 thoughts on “Weather change

  1. A pet deer hmmm. Sounds chilly! We haven’t been too bad but by this weekend it is supposed to be down in the thirties for a high. Keep warm!

  2. Robert, your blogs never cease to amaze me!! I thoroughly enjoy everything that comes out of your mouth or should I say, ‘born of your keystrokes’.

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