Got the horses in yesterday morning, caught up Wren and Rill and took them to the Amish out west of here.. the guy was not at home so I just left them, he called yesterday evening to discuss what they had already done and what I wanted done with them.. he’ll call me back in a week to 10 days and we will make a plan to bring them home.. seeing I was off west of home, I drove on down to Custer and left met trailer for Tate and Kass to load up so they can use it to haul their stuff out here, sounds like they may have it for a couple weeks.. I may have to run down and pull it home for them… had some cows out the other day and Chance just moved them, but didn’t shut gates so I saddled Bro up and went down and moved them and shut gates.. they don’t want to eat thru’ all the tall grass, they just want to nibble where it’s short.. dumb ol’ cows! Working in the leather shop, got chaps to repair, chaps to build and saddle to repair and build.. sure is a nice day, seems a shame to be in the house, but I got to get this stuff done and out of here… waiting for glue to dry right now…

2 thoughts on “Runnin’

  1. It was pretty nice here the last couple of days, and I was also in the house getting things done, but tried to get outside later in the day to do some work outside, while it is nice. So, I sure know how you feel. I didn’t realize you had Amish so close to you. We have quite a few of them out in this part of the country.

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