I’m back in business!

Got my “new” to me computer today when I had to run to the big city.. haven’t had much of a chance to check it out but seems to be working for this blog… Chance and I left here long before the crow pee’d this morning.. still dark when we got to the corrals we were going to ship from… rest of the crew showed up shortly and we unloaded horses and rode out in them rough cedar breaks and gumbo.. got them gathered with some little wild a here and there.. got the calves stripped off after one little wreck, shipped them out and I hear their heifer calves outsold the steer calve.. mostly Red Angus and good ones too.. good for them, they took a beating on them for some years and people are starting to realize how good them red ones can be… should be done with shipping for this week.. I helped neighbors up north ship they yearling steers on Monday, haven’t heard how they sold, but everything is so much better than last year, I doubt anyone will complain.. heard of 5 weight calves bringing over 3 bucks a pound.. that’s over $1500 for a calf… pretty good feeling until you go price a pickup or tractor or fuel up… and over course, we are just a bit past a year froAtlas that took about 40 t6o 60,00 had of cattle out of this country last year.. sure glad we ain’t seen another and hope I never do…

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