Back in the saddle

Chance and I saddled up this morning and moved our pairs down east,south of the road. Wind was wrong and it was getting hot, so they didn’t move easy, but we had fat fresh horses, so we got it done. We found there was a leak in the tank so rode home and then on to Punkin Center , ate lunch, got the fixin’s and came home and fixed it.. noticed some of the pasture cattle out so put them back this afternoon, looked back later and here they were all out again.. they keep crowding into a corner and tearing a gate down. They’ve got more feed than they can eat, but want that short green that has grown back up where they were before.. stoopid ol’ rips. So we just shut the gates and left them until morning as we are gathering, sorting of some of the pairs and calves to go home… we putted around and did some work in the corral and I took a borrowed hay rake home first thing this morning… Badger Clark Poetry/Song gathering this weekend in Hot Springs… supposed to break records for temps tomorrow but quite a big breeze blowing up from the south so it ought to be ok…

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