I’m back!!!!

I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t post on here for the past few weeks… WordPress changed how I posted and that made it not work on my old Mac, evidently.. but all of a sudden the old format is back…

Let’s see, ate and Kass are bringing a trailer in and Tate has been here off and on for a week, digging in waterlines, and septic and getting all ready to se the trailer.. seeing as he has a backhoe rented, when he wasn’t using it I was on a bunch of other project…

We worked our calves a couple weeks ago, helped Cobb’s work their last week… we’ve had a freeze, but we covered the tomato’s and now it’s back up into the 70’s.. we’ve had some rain, still got green grass

Got some hay bought and Pete has been delivering it.. got 10 loads in so far, 6 more to go.. got the big Vee windbreak done, and the lady came out and looked at it to sign off on it seeing as it is a Govt project..

Gabe and Lige been playing football…. Addy Bear had her first day of pre school today..

Got a date to ship out some of the summer cattle here in another week or so..

Did the gig at Devils Tower with Chance, Marty and Mike Linderman..

Hot Springs is in a couple of weeks followed by Alzada and then Valentine, the next two weekends..

Bout all for now.. good to be back!

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