Here and there

I had a business appointment in Sturgis yesterday, so Cindy rode in with me, we got done about noon and grabbed a bite to eat and headed west. Drove out and stopped at the Alladin Store and ten on to Huelett and west looking for Amish.. found a family and had a nice visit and looks like they will drive this young team for a couple weeks this fall, so that when I get them back they can just go to work and start working them with their sister or brother.. may have to drive them four up or four abreast just to keep them all working this winter…
Day before I went north and helped work some late calves and do some sorting.. took all day… but got it pretty much done.. today I went and borrowed a flat bed and have been hauling in bales from up north, got 98 hauled in so far.. I drove the tractor up this morning and walked back and then took thew pickup and trailer up to haul with.. Cindy went for one load when she got home this afternoon, but she wouldn’t stay and bunch bales with the tractor, dang her ol’ hide! 😉

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