100 years ago today

A boy was born to Walter and Lizzy and grew up into a adventurous and industrious lad, who eventually married my Mother..  His name was Roy. Mom’s 100 birthday would have been on the 21’st of this month… they sure seen a lot of changes in their lifetimes…

Odds and ends day here, went and pulled a large tank home to set where I will fill it with water and let it trickle down to water trees we are going to plant, made the little orange tractor grunt pretty hard! Straightened out a pretty big clevis I had to reshape, from the pull… ran over to Punkin Center and got some waterline for the project and fencing material… we had Addy Bear today and then the boys after school, so she helped me unload the material… had three windy days of branding and got a branding tomorrow, wind isn’t supposed to blow as much…

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