Travisties and atrocities

Not sure how many readers of this blog are aware of what is going on out near Las Vegas NV with the Bundy’s…  The Bundy family has ranched a piece of ground since back i the 1800’s.. In the 30’s the federal government came in and told all ranchers using public grazing land (that is about all most BLM is in the west, ground that no one wanted in the homestead days as they couldn’t make a living on it) that the Congress had started a new deal called the Taylor Grazing Act.. which eventually spawned of the Bureau of Land Management or BLM… in this act they said that they would now start charging grazing fees to people ,who had already established a claim upon the land by the use of it… the Bundy’s like most, had privately held ground and had all the rights to any and all water on it, being the first to use it… for this fee that would be charged the government would then manage it to the best use and take the money charged and put mostly back into the land to improve it.. fast forward to about the early 90’s when all of a sudden, there were all these groups who wanted the ranchers and their cattle off the land, for one excuse or another, but it was all a smoke screen to get the water for the cities in the arid west… Las Vega now wants the water on the Bundy’s land and the Bundy’s refuse to sell out.. so they are using all and any means to drive them off the land.. True, the Bundy’s quit paying their grazing fee’s to the BLM when this all started, but  it was because the BLM was not honoring their contract for what they said they’d do when it was established…so they tried to pay the fees to their local country, as in the Constitution of the US it states that the Federal Government is not to own any lands that are not used for Military bases and such.. I think they are limited to owning only 10 acres or something like that… so the state really owns the land and the counties are to administer.. the BLM is superseding the rights of the state and county as the sheriff in that jurisdiction wants to keep his job and all the votes come from the City of Las Vegas… it is a terrible thing and confrontations are going on as I write this.. I will include some links to news feed and media.. of course, you will see little if anything on the mass media and if you do, they will take the side of the BLM.. a faceless bureaucratic night mare, like most government agency’s…

For some reason I can not copy and paste here, but do a search for Bundy’s Range War and you will get all the info..


17 thoughts on “Travisties and atrocities

  1. I have been following this for a few days on Fox News, and no mention was made of Las Vegas wanting the water. All we have heard is that a turtle is threatened! Thanks for explaining it better. I hope it can be solved peacefully, as if the Bundy’s start the violence, or it even seems that they do, the govt will use that as an excuse to come after people even more.

  2. This makes me so mad I could spit. I know not all gov’t employees are stupid, but it sure seems that the bigger gov’t gets, the dumber it gets. And it particularly irritates me that this is for watering golf courses and lawns and ever-spraying fountains, and other absolutely extraneous stuff. I hope the Bundy’s come out on top in this one.

  3. Someone here in NY also shared a story yesterday about them wanting to build some kind of solar power generating structure there. Something is rotten in Denmark…or Nevada as the case may be.

  4. A few thoughts on this matter, Robert, …
    Let’s say we have six coyotes and four sheep living in the country. The sheep and coyotes held an election to decide what to have for dinner. Naturally, the overwhelming majority of coyotes voted to have mutton.

    Well, if their country had been a Constitutional Republic, the rights of the sheep would have been protected — no mutton for supper.

    However, if their country is a Democracy, the sheep must forfeit their lives for the supper of the coyotes.

    Those brave and inspired gentlemen who founded our country created a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. A Democracy is mob rule. A Constitutional Republic is under the rule of law and protects the rights of each individual.

    Well, the people of Las Vegas are like the coyotes and the ranchers are like the sheep. They out-vote us and feast upon our rights. Those who place their necks upon the chopping blocks for the bureaucrats to slaughter are martyrs for a cause that has gone by the wayside through the negligence and lack of education of the people of the United States. It is sad.

    As our illustrious President, George W. Bush, insisted, “The Constitution is just a … piece of paper.” ( Many of the ranchers were deceived and voted for this man. We of the United States need to get educated and stop voting for the coyotes, they are eating us for lunch!!!


  5. I watched this on this news last night, and I sure wish I could be right along with the other protesters! I have been keeping up with it since I heard about it a few days ago. The government is starting to get a way too big for their britches!

  6. From what I’ve been reading the tortoises would be better off with more cattle on the land. In previous years when there were more cattle there were more tortoises. Cattle break down the old growth, fertilize and stir the ground and that promotes new growth that is beneficial to the cattle and tortoises.

    The Bundys and and supporters stopped a dump truck and backhoe to see what they had in the truck. What they saw in the truck appeared to be water lines and tanks the BLM destroyed.

    Alex Jones at has been exposing a five billion dollar deal between the BLM, Harry Reid and his son and the Chinese to take the land and use it for a solar farm. AJ’s team have uncovered documents pointing out that Cliven Bundy was impeding the start of this project and needed to be removed by 2014. They want and need his ranch for this project.

    Fox news is spinning the government position and are no friends of those who believe in upholding the constitution. They pretend to tell the truth and be patriotic but they are covering for traitors in government that are destroying this country.

  7. I read the reason the BLM backed down was because they didn’t think it would look good for their government snipers to be shooting cowboys a horseback and carrying american flags. 🙂

  8. I also heard they’ve been protecting the desert tortoises for many years by exploding atomic bombs in Nevada too. 😉

  9. Not sure about the solar thing. I heard on the radio the Reid’s solar deal is built or being built in Tonapah. Although I guess it is possible he has another one he wants to build.

    1. The way I’m hearing it is that the Bundy ranch would be used as mitigation for the Tonopah solar site.

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