March came in like a lion… or a crabby polar bear!  Cold, below zero, snow, about 4 inches and more coming now, big ol’ flakes, and a little breeze this morning, but nothing like the wind yesterday… we got everything fed good and just come in the house. even got the old 756 to start so i could tear a few straw bales loose… tried to yank one out with my team yesterday, but there was just too much weight on top with the second bale setting up there, they weigh a bit over 1300 pound on average and it might have been heavier than average… anyway, got the critters taken care of, Bill got to go along and had lots of fun working the cows, who mostly tried to ignore him and eat… and thew team got a good work out… supposed to get down about 15 below tonight and keep snowing until early to morrow morning…Cindy stayed in and will probably stay in tonight… not much sense being out on the roads in this weather … no Mass… too many old people who go and Father has to drive 60 some miles to get here so we decided to tell him to not come… guess I’ll have to watch the Mass on TV tomorrow morning…I think the Good Lord understands…

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