Sneky boogers…

It’s come to my attention, that WordPress has chosen to run ads on my blog, because I didn’t “subscribe” to their NO ADDs plan…. soooooo… please, if you ever see an add on here (I can’t see them) that is distasteful, disgusting or anything else that might put you off, please let me know  (be nice if there was some way you could copy and paste or put a link on so i to could see the add, or at least tell me what it was/is about) might be time to look for a new web-host… I tried to buy my own dominion one time but could never get it all to work o=n this computer)


2 thoughts on “Sneky boogers…

  1. I can’t recall ever seeing ads on here, but then again I tend to just look past most of them anyhow. If you are still using the free service like I am ya can’t blame em too much for selling some ads.

    If you ever do decide to setup a new site I know someone that might be able to lend ya a hand with that. 😉

    1. I am… I would want to take what I have here and move it to the new site… so it might be cheaper to try again to own this site… I will look into it, thank you for the offer.

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