Oh wonderful!

I woke up a little before 4 yesterday morning with a sharp pain in my right er. Cindy got up and warmed some oil and dripped in it, but it didn’t help. I took a hot washcloth and held it on my right forehead and over my eye, thinking it was sinuses… Cindy heated some water and put it i a hot water bottle and I lay in the chair with that on there and she went to work… I drifted off to sleep after a bit and woke later when i got a phone call… not much of an ache, but my ear didn’t feel right… so this morning the ear is pretty much deaf, so i went in to the clinic (gelled up the tractor, trying to feed before i left, should have just used the team)… Doc sez the ear drum is real red, but she doesn’t think it’s broken.. just some infection, gave me a shot in the upper hip, which hurts like the dickens! I got some antibiotics and she said it should clear them up but it will take a long time for all the fluid to drain off from the ear, so the weird deafness I am experiencing in that ear will be awhile going away… I am the epitome of a guy who is deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other…. oh well, this too shall pass… Tate had an accident with his work pickup this morning… sounds like he totaled it out, but no one was harmed… said the officer told them both they should be ticketed for over driving the road conditions, but didn’t ticket either driver… I am sure glad he didn’t get hurt.. suppose he will be pickup shopping…. Hope was shooting a commercial at the Bakery today and i was supposed to go in for that, but the Doctor took precedents…

4 thoughts on “Oh wonderful!

  1. I know what you are feeling! I actually had the same thing but mine was a lot worse drum did burst. I had to have drops, antibiotics, and then ended going back and having it flushed out also. It was not good. I am glad that Tate wasn’t hurt! Trucks are replaceable, not human life. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh my, the ear infection makes my ear hurt! Mine, right now, makes me want to crawl inside and scratch all around! Mine is due to allergies. Cedar from south and cedar from north! Winds have been blowing from south one day and from north the next! First order of business in early am isn’t coffee but allergy pill w/orange juice! I’m just thankful no flu for me! Washing hands like crazy & not getting around big crowds for a month or two longer. Can’t take flu vaccine so just being careful.
    Sure hope you are better in a short time! Certainly glad no one was hurt in truck wreck! Try to stay warm!
    PS: so glad to know other people, besides me, uses a water bottle!

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