December brrrr

Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow and dip down below zero and not get real warm for awhile and the wind is supposed to howl… welcome to wonderful wintry South Dakota! Probably have to go give the cows a little hay, I hate not feeding cattle when it’s cold and windy out, even tho’ they have bean and grass… just an ol’ softy, I guess…

Tate, Chance and I went to St Onge on Saturday to a cow sale. Cattle sold well… Chance got one older cow bought but anything else he was interested in went higher than he was willing to pay…We loaded some ash logs we cut into the back of my pickup and I was supposed to haul them to a sawmill today, but Tate couldn’t get a hold of the guy…I have a trailer load of hay coming in in the near future… the yearling guys are paying for it to pay me back for the hay I fed during the blizzard… Fr Tyler came home last night and spent the day but scurried home this evening when he saw what the weather was doing in the Hills… rain that was going to freeze and then snow on wind on top are not a fun combination… I tried to work on some leather but didn’t get too much accomplished… we had Sam and Gus after school let out so their Uncle Tyler had fun with them…put your long handles on, it’s gonn’a get cold for a spell…

2 thoughts on “December brrrr

  1. We are getting ours Thursday & Friday. Guessing it will come on down from y’all. Stay warm and know what you mean about feeding during the cold. Sounds great to have the kids! Sure miss my Tater Bug! He has passed me up in height! He loves that! GKids are so much fun! I’m enjoying your book. Taking my time reading it. This time of year am busy and I spend a little less time reading. That way, I can really enjoy during the colder times!

  2. Stay as warm as you can! Winter has come with a bang for you. We haven’t had that much bad weather yet. It usually waits until January or February then it decides to hit us. We are usually looking at freezing rain and sleet until then. We do have a dusting of snow on the ground that will be gone by Friday, being as they are calling for 50 degree weather. Take care and stay safe!

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