I got the mower hooked up and it worked fine… had to make a few minor repairs as i mowed. I got the hay yard across the road mowed, the calving pasture on the east slope and the road ditches…now I have to get the rake fixed up and the team hooked up and get to making bunches… hope I can drive Roz, with her bad eye, i guess I will see… my saddle making apprentice is showing up tomorrow, supposedly…Dan Wicks who has been fighting Hodgkins or Lou Gerig passed away today… no word yet as to the funeral date. JJ Croft, a saddle maker from up by Deadwood passed away a few days ago… they are having a family get together at he and Duffy’s place on Saturday i am planning on going to…it was a pretty nice day, not too hot and not to windy… supposedly we have a chance for rain but I ain’t seen any yet…

2 thoughts on “Mowing

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss! We have been having problems with our baler, we have an old enough of one that we are having fun trying to find a belt for it, had one ordered two weeks ago and still haven’t heard if it has arrived or not, will have to keep pestering them to get it!

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