Hither and yon…

I took the Case up west and worked on the Plum crossing to smooth out the ruts a bit this morning and went to ricking up bales, two side by side…Cindy came and got me a bit before noon and we counted bales and ten took my pickup to Punkin Center, fueled it up and got some posts for my corral project and a new hose for a cattle waterer…we ate a bite and headed home, unloaded the posts then i ran up to Cliff’s to get his flatbed, came back and up the creek and finished ricking up bales and loaded a load. Ol’ Teddy had to grunt to pull this rascal with 16 bales on…I also rebuilt another crossing so I could cross the creek and rick up the bales on that side…eventually it will wash out but served it’s purpose for the day. Cindy helped me when I got back with the first load and we got the loader all working and the narrow bucket put on the old IH so I could use it to unload the bales and stack them.. I got 3 loads in this afternoon/evening… back at it tomorrow unless something comes up…

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