Great weekend

Saturday i met up with Paul Larson and Ken Cook, my cohorts in Cowboy Culture and we did a gig at the grand opening of the Day’s of 75 Museum, then on to Hill city and did a gig that night at Chute Roosters. Had good audiences both times and had a wonderful time. I got home about midnight and up at 6:30 to prepare music for 8 am Mass. Not a lot of people there as they were having a large gathering over at Plainview at 10:30 am so I imagine many went that direction.

Tate, Lige and Aricat came out Saturday afternoon, so they were there with me at Mass. we came home and I watched some grand boys while Tate and Chance went to look at a local carpentry job. Later we went up the creek and picked out a large ash tree that had fallen over but was still growing and cut it up in manageable sections to try and get it milled… they are wanting some ash wood for some jobs they have planned and I need some to rebuild the runners on my bob sled, hopefully we can get this cut up into some good planks…

Cindy and I ran into town today to do some odds and ends and t go see her fathers grave at the National Cemetery…we ran into dean and Katy so we ate lunch with them and suckered them into hauling some long conduit pipe I got so we wouldn’t have it sticking out the back of my pickup… but….I didn’t get enough so we had to go get a couple more chunks and hauled it all over the Hills any way….we drove up to where the boys are working on some buildings near Hill City, drove over to Rochford and around in circles and eventually wound up in Sturgis…ate a bite and saw we were getting some weather at home. Cindy called Hope and she said it really rained and had some hail but it doesn’t look like it hurt much… we had a short hard rain this morning and the bucket sez’ we got at least 1.5 inches. Hurrah!!! God is good!

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