I hauled a saddle i made to Hill City today and swapped it for a wagon.. the wagon is a lighter made one with springs under the box and springs on the drivers seat, sets wayyyyy up in the air. It has bows for the box and seating on each side a steps to get in the back, a pretty cool people hauler. we got it unloaded for the borrowed flatbed and hooked up the team and all of Chance and Hope and kids and me and Gramma went for a drive up west…Brake work pretty good and it pulls easy. I like it! Picture will be posted when I get some…

2 thoughts on “Cool…

  1. Rick from The Farmer’s Daughter here…Glad to hear the wagon is a fun ride for you guys. Hopefully we will be able to catch a ride someday! I was surprised you left out the help we got from the bikers from Canada when loading the wagon on the hauler, that was awfully nice of them and I can imagine the tall tales they will tell when they get back home. Also, sorry for the “short” interruption from my neighbor down the street, didn’t know he was going to show up!.

    1. Your right Rick, I did forget all the strong, wonderful help on loading from the bikers from BC. When Rick and I went to roll the wagon up the inclined loading ramps, a bunch of Bickers all dressed in black showed up and asked if we needed some help.they rolled it on better than a team of horses! I try and forget that “short” stuff in my life! 😉 LOL

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